Conservation Award

Each year the Conservation District selects a farm family, group or individual to acknowledge those who demonstrate positive conservation principles and have undertaken conservation efforts over a number of years that have shown long-term benefits for the natural environment and society.

This year’s recipient for the 2018 TMCD Conservation Award is G &B Farms – Gordon and Brenda Adams & Family.

Gordon and Brenda and their son Colin have demonstrated sound conservation and environment stewardship practices on their farm.


What is the Conservation Family Award?
(formerly the Conservation Farm Family Award)

In 1981 the Manitoba Conservation Districts Association (MCDA) of which the TMCD is a member started the Farm Family Competition to recognize the efforts made by farmers towards conservation. Each Conservation District (CD) selected a farm family who actively promoted wise farm management and conservation practices on their farm. All CD farm families were judged on a provincial scale and one farm family was presented with the Syd Ransom* trophy to recognize the MCDA Farm Family of the Year.

Each year Board or Sub-District members nominate deserving farm families and select one to be recognized by the TMCD. The following is the list of farm families that have been recognized by the TMCD over the years as well as those who were provincial winners.

In 2003 the MCDA terminated the provincial judging thereby eliminating a provincial winner and they changed the name to Conservation Family from Conservation Farm Family.

*The late Syd Ransom was a farmer and conservationist who resided in the Turtle Mountains southwest of Boissevain. He played a key role in the establishment and early operation of the TMCD and was the first chairman of the Turtle Mountain Conservation District.


Past Award Winners

  • 1981 Bob and Lori Gustafson (Provincial Winner)
  • 1982 Edward and Elfrida Andries (Provincial Winner)
  • 1983 Tom Scott
  • 1984 Ivan and Linda Carey
  •  1985 Frank and Doreen Smith
  • 1986 Tom and Doris Conroy
  • 1987 Barry and Helen Hole
  • 1988 Ross and Dorothy Hainsworth
  • 1989 Alfred and Maureen Epp
  • 1990 Ed Billiaert
  • 1991 Keith and Louise Scott (Provincial Winner)
  • 1992 Hilt Wallace Family (Provincial Winner)
  • 1993 Tom and Joan Stewart
  • 1994 Michael and Myna Cryderman
  • 1995 Don and Noreen Greig
  • 1996 Dwayne and Lynn Vanbeselaere
  • 1997 Glen and Doreen Hicks
  • 1998 David Day Family
  • 1999 Wayne and Adelyn Nichol
  • 2000 Dan and Heather Meggison (Provincial Winner)
  • 2001 Phil and Myrna Adams (Provincial Winner)
  • 2002 Duncan and Teresa Armstrong
  • 2003 Kevin and Glenda Archibald
  • 2004 Gerald and Margaret Whetter and Family
  • 2005 Dave and Donna Stewart Family
  • 2006 Todd and Julie Racher, Racher Acres Ltd.
  • 2007 Bill and Shirley McKinny, McFamco Ltd.
  • 2008 Kelly and Vanessa Vandoorne
  • 2009 David and Jeanette Neufeld
  • 2010 Killarney Lake Action Committee
  • 2011 Lloyd, Leanne Bugg & Family – Sleepy Creek Farm
  • 2012 Gord Weidenhamer & Family – CA Acres
  • 2013 McGee Livestock Ltd.
  • 2014 Rick Korman
  • 2015 Rick Schoonbaert – Twin Pines Farm
  • 2017 Matthew and Heather Heide – Heidensheep Acres
  • 2018 G & B Farms – Gordon and Brenda Adams & Family

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