Rain Barrel Program

The SRWD has rain barrels available for pick-up from either the Reston or Deloraine office for $65.00 each. We accept cash or cheque. *The only color that is available is […]

Prairie Watershed Climate Program

Prairie Watershed Climate Program “The MAW-led project, which was supported by 38 organizations throughout the region, will receive up to $40 million over the two-year project to be delivered throughout […]

Shelterbelt Program

To establish field & yard shelterbelts to act as a barrier to reduce and redirect the wind, absorb excessive moisture, trap snow and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Please […]

Well Water Testing

Sample collection bottles and forms can be picked up at our Reginal Offices in Deloraine and Reston. Prices have been updated February 15, 2022. Click the “download file” link below […]

Tree Seedling Program

Tree Seedling orders are made annually and offered at a low cost to landowners. Order Deadline: December 1st, annually – Orders for the 2022 season are now closed. Seedlings we normally […]

Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program Partner

The Manitoba Burrowing Owl Recovery Program is a reintroduction, research, and educational organization that was established in 2010 to address the on-going decline of Burrowing Owls in southwestern Manitoba. The […]

Pasture Rental Program

SRWD owns several pastures in the district that may be available for rent for a 2-3 year period. The form below is for the Newcomb’s Hollow Pasture rental on SE-19-2-22-W1. […]

Hay and Forage Seed Program

This program is for landowners who are interested in introducing specialized tame species such as smooth brome and alfalfa. Healthy tame pastures will contribute to longevity and help perform important […]

Pollinator Habitat Program

Establishment of pollinator vegetation has both important economical and environmental benefits. It not only provides valuable habitat for pollinators, specifically who are at risk, but also increases soil fertility, suppresses […]

GIS mapping: Aerial Photo Assessment

The SRWD is able to create maps/aerial photos using Geographic Information System (GIS) computer software.  GIS allows SRWD to display resource data and to assist in effective project planning and […]

Saline Seed Program

Seed forages on saline soils (i.e. along roads, borders of fields and surrounding wetlands) within the SRWD East Souris River Watershed to address the growing concerns associated with salinity. Priority […]

Gully Erosion Repair Program

The Gully Erosion Repair Program will assist to protect surface water quality and minimize water erosion and flooding damage by providing physical adjustments and alterations along gully formations.

Grassed Waterway Program

A  grassed waterway is a natural or constructed channel used to prevent soil loss and gully formation in cultivated fields and used to protect surface water quality.  They are seeded […]

Stone Crossing Program

Program Objectives: • To construct stone crossings on intermittent or permanent streams to reduce sedimentation from livestock crossings; • To protect surface water quality; and • To protect fish habitat.

GROW – GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds

Landowners can receive annual payments for the conservation of Class 1 and 2 wetlands while still cultivating during dry periods. Class 1 & 2 wetlands are shallow depressions that hold […]

Ag Action – Assurance: Ecological Goods and Services

Funding is available to watershed districts through Ag Action Manitoba to work with farmers to implement practices that conserve and enhance ecological goods and services (EGS) on the agricultural landscape. […]

Bank Stabilization Program

This program is designed to: Prevent further erosion on waterways and shorelines with low-moderate erosion potential Protect and improve water quality by preventing bank erosion and downstream sedimentation Educate landowners […]

Rain Garden Program

A rain garden is a shallow depression, planted with native species that captures storm water off a property. Rain gardens assist to reduce the amount of potentially harmful materials from […]

Alternate Watering System Program

SRWD will work with landowners to improve the quality of water provided to livestock through the use of alternate watering systems (i.e. shallow burial pipelines, solar-powered pumps, wind-powered pumps, gas […]

Water Retention Program

SRWD will work with landowners to create water storage areas for livestock watering wildlife and flood control purposes.

Abandoned Well Sealing Program

The objective of this program is to seal abandoned wells throughout the SRWD in order to protect the quality of groundwater in aquifers, eliminate the safety hazard to humans and […]

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