Prairie Watershed Climate Program

Prairie Watershed Climate Program

“The MAW-led project, which was supported by 38 organizations throughout the region, will receive up to $40 million over the two-year project to be delivered throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan around three key farming practices that benefit climate resiliency in agriculture: rotational grazing, nitrogen management, and cover crops.” – (Cory K., February 21, PortageOnline).

The following Best Management Practices are offered under PWCP: 

Fill out the form below to get started and submit to either office when completed:

PWCP – General Info Declaration_2023

Once the general info declaration is filled out and submitted, the watershed representative will contact you with a program specific application form and professional assessment form.

Applicants are eligible for up to $10,000.00 yearly. Payments can take up to 6 months to process.

The full article  and more information on programs and eligibility can be found at Manitoba Association of Watersheds – Prairie Watersheds Climate Program

Please call the Reston or Deloraine office for more information on these programs.

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